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initial based West Wing drable challenges

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Writers among us may have been advised not to have more than one character in a given piece with the same first initial. Apparently readers may have trouble telling Hillary from Hermione and give up in disgust.

Apparently nobody told Aaron Sorkin, because The West Wing is riddled with multiple initials. I think we've found eight 'J's now, for instance.

Anyway, this is too great an embarassment of riches to ignore, so every Thursday I'm going to declare a set of three initials of the week, usually determined by changing one of the previous week's three. Writers post in this community, claiming a triad of names beginning with those letters. For A/J/L you might pick Abbey/Jed/Leo. Only one person gets any one set of names. First come, first served. The writer then has one week to write a drabble of exactly 100 words excluding title, author's name and so forth. Said drabble should treat the characters selected as a romantic threesome. Come back to the post where you signed up and put the story in a comment.

Stories may have any rating. No incest, bestiality or participants under 18, please. Beyond that, squick me if you can.

And that's how it works. First challenge goes out May 13, 2004, and I can't wait to see the stories!

NEW RULE (July 18, 2004): If someone claims a triad and doesn't post the drabble within ten days of the claim, that triad is up for grabs again. The original claimant may still post the story when it's done, but it's no longer an exclusive. Sorry, ficlers, but no holding characters hostage (*goes to let Sam out of cellar*).