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Title: Sooner or Later
Category: Drabble, CJ/Laurie/Donna
Rating: NC-17


Donna gripped onto the sheets as the dildo slid back in. "Oh," she gasped. "I should go to bed with hookers more often."

The teasing was not well received.

"Call girl," Laurie muttered before she thrusted in with more force. "And I'm not anymore. Also, I didn't have to do this. Except..." She flicked Donna's clit. "...with that *one* guy."

Donna squirmed from pleasure and discomfort. "That's... weird."

CJ leaned back, hand playing with her own breast. "I think it's kinda hot. Just not as hot as this."

Donna licked her lips and lowered her mouth to CJ's sex. "Or this."


Title: Like To
Category: drabble, Charlie, Leo/Donna
Rating: R


The President wanted to see Leo as soon as he returned, so Charlie didn't think anything of poking his head into Leo's office. Until he saw: Donna leaning against the desk, Leo's head buried in her chest, Leo's hand down her pants.

When they noticed him, Leo jumped away. Seeing Donna that way (nipples hard, hair wild, skirt bunched around her hips), Charlie felt something he hadn't before: Leo envy.

"The President... When he gets back... Um... I'll go."

"Please do."

As he closed the door, he heard Donna say in a low voice, "There's still time."

Incredible Leo envy.

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