the Literate Canine (writerpuppy) wrote in wing_init,
the Literate Canine

Fandom: The West Wing
Relationship: Laurie/Lionel Tribbey/Liz Westin
Rating: R for implication
Distribution: How much do I owe you for hauling it off?
Spoilers: nil
Email: exfilia at livejournal dot com
Disclaimer: you really think John Wells has this much imagination?
Note: for the challenge L/L/L challenge at wing_init

by Exfilia

“Just remember,” Tribbey said, “you don’t do this professionally any more.”

“Haven’t I lived that down?”

“You dated Sam Seaborn. Count yourself lucky.”

“Why am I doing this?”

“I’m a nice guy?”

“...who threatened a client with a cricket bat?”

“I never threaten clients. It was his attorney.”

“Bartlet’s son-in-law!”


“How does that get us to this hotel corridor? If we’re doing this to fix that, I am still a professional.”

“We’re here because the lady who did fix that wants to get to know us better.”


“Yep.” He led her inside. “Liz,” he said, “this is Laurie.”
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